A few weeks ago, we started a 5-part series with weekly installments entitled “Top 5 Mistakes for Businesses in the Digital Age”. In this series, we tackle the top 5 most common mistakes made by businesses while establishing their social media and web presence. On to Part 5…here we go!!

5. You Have No Written Marketing Plan

This one is probably the most common and ties together all of the previous parts of this series with a nice pretty bow. In summary, the previous 4 topics were:

  1. Choosing a Business Name Without Securing Their Web Domain Name
  2. Having a Published Business Email Address Using a Personal Email Service
  3. Over Saturating Social Media With Advertisements
  4. Not Following Up With Customers in a Timely Manner

What do all of these have in common? They should all be addressed in a written marketing plan. A written marketing plan ensures that the following are accounted for (Disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list, just some of the most common):

  1. You have a consistent brand identity across all marketing mediums (social media, email, website, business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, etc.)
  2. You have a handle on who your intended audience is and…
  3. You have a plan and a timeline on when you will engage those audiences and how
  4. All marketing efforts are thoughtfully laid out, tie together and funnel potential customers to your intended products and services.
  5. As a result of your organized efforts, your customers and potential customers develop a trust for your business over time that leads to repeat business and referral business.

When you have you marketing plan laid out, you have the blueprint to grow you business. Following that plan becomes a lot easier when you thoroughly examine all angles and approaches prior to shooting from the hip. This will exponentially increase your chances of success as a business in the digital age. We have so many electronic tools at our disposal for growing our business, we can easily become disjointed in our use of those tools if we are not careful. Include your marketing plan as a part of your business plan and watch your plan come to life!

Thanks for reading our 5 part series and let us know in the comments below your thoughts on today’s topic. We hope you enjoyed the information and let us know how we can help by clicking here to contact us. We hope to hear from you soon!

Author: Justin Cox