It’s time for 504 Media Mondays! In today’s installment we will be highlighting a great company that we recently did business with. Rich Originals Clothing is a clothing and apparel company that sells a wide variety of products spanning anywhere from t-shirts to baby gear. Founded by owner Brian Sigur, a native of Gibson, LA, Rich Originals looks to inspire everyone by their slogan “Hustle to get rich, Strive to stay original”. It serves as a reminder that no matter how small of a place you come from, you can always make something of yourself by working hard and being yourself. Here is a little more about the foundation of the company:

We are all created original and rich from the moment we take our first breath, but at some point in life we tend to lose our originality.  Whether it’s due to pressures from the world to conform or to our own need to survive we sometimes start to mimic others and lose ourselves.

With that in mind we believe that people can have all things in life without compromising themselves or conforming to others beliefs.  One should never stop trying to get rich, but one should never value money over life.  When a person believes that life is worth more than money we consider them to Rich Originals and when a person continues to hustle to get rich while maintaining their originality we considered them an Original Rich Guy, Original Rich Girl, or Original Rich Kid.

So always get yours and always remember to Hustle To Get Rich, Strive To Stay Original.

We partnered with Rich Originals on their eCommerce site in order to provide a platform to sell their clothing and apparel. Brian was excellent to work with and had a great idea of what he wanted and also had a great idea of where he wanted to go over time. We were excited to be able to partner with Rich Originals and are looking forward to seeing how this eCommerce project helps them grow! Visit Rich Originals Clothing @

Author: Justin Cox