We just wrapped up our 5 part mini series titled “Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make in the Digital Age” where we covered topics such as social media marketing, proper email usage, service level agreements, website domain names and marketing plan development. If you didn’t catch it visit our blog to check it out.

Last week, we started a 3 part series about best practices for your websites landing page (and other common pages). Your home page is like the “30 second elevator pitch” of your website. Statistics show that if a user cannot find what they are looking for easily and intuitively they will abandon the site and head back for the search engine or other sources. You may never get that visitor back to your site to get a good idea of what it is your company excels at.

Today we will look at part 2 of what you can do to ensure your website visitors are not leaving your site prematurely.

Tip: Do Not Make It Difficult To Find Content On Your Page

If your home page highlights the most important content, then the rest of the content has to not be a cliff where the user falls off forever. The easiest thing you can do is to plan out your site structure before you start. You want to organize your content into categories and create your menu structure based upon that.

For instance, if you provide services, ensure your services are categorized into what makes sense for your industry. Make sure you include proper descriptions of those services and include pricing (if you wish to publish it on your site). If you sell products, imagine a potential customer looking for a product on your site and all products are in one section with no way to filter or categorize them? They would surely leave your site due to difficulty in finding what they are looking for.

If it makes sense, you can include a search function for a portion of your website as well, but those should be used sparingly as it can get messy if not implemented correctly. All of these examples help your user to find your content in a helpful way. If they are able to get more details on your highlighted home page content and find it easily, this will lengthen their stay on their site.

Let us know what you thought about Part 2 of this new 3 part series and be sure to leave a comment below. Next week, we will touch on customer engagement through your website.

Author: Justin Cox