Music Mixing/Mastering

Recorded vocals and/or instrumental tracks at another studio?

504 Media Solutions provides mixing and mastering services to ensure your music sounds clean, crisp and professional on any device, speaker or medium.

Format Accepted: Individual .wav files for each vocal and instrumental track.

Mixing Services Include:

  • Adjusting volume levels of each track to blend well with the song as a whole
  • Adjusting Frequencies with EQ to allow for proper track blending
  • Adjusting the timing of the individual tracks to ensure any doubles are in sync with the music
  • Adding effects such as echo, delays and digital processing to alter the sound of the individual recording
  • Panning of tracks left or right as needed

Mastering Services Include:

  • Adjusting Frequencies with EQ to enhance certain frequencies or remove unwanted sounds from the original audio
  • Utilizing limiters to prevent clipping and poor sound quality at loud volumes
  • Fading in and/or Fading out of track for final touches
  • Sound Leveling and compression to limit clipping and optimize sound at all volume levels